Just a quick note to say we are safe and sound on day 3 travelling through Iran.  Mixed feelings at the moment although we have had nothing but help from the locals and they have been more than friendly passing food through the windows at us, helping us when we are lost…..but some people have had quite a time. Things stolen, rocks thrown…70 million people and 99 % are fantastic but that other 1 % are trouble!  

Long days, and its wet. Had to sleep 6 to a room our first night….I’m a little over the head scarf in this heat…otherwise  all good.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    We are following your blog with bated breath and Nicki hope you are feeling better, no doubt the shewee came into it’s own. Good luck and safe travels onto Paris.

  2. Hi Nicky and Craig

    Think the headscarf might catch on this Summer at Waihi Beach?! Good to know that things are going well in Iran. I meant to ph before you left but didn’t quite manage to – fortunately bumped into Angie and she passed on your blog.

    Daylight saving has arrived and weather is improving so hopefully the sun will be shining on your return.

    Thinking of you and hope it continues to go well.

    Lots of love,
    Margie XX

  3. Hi Guys

    What a fantastic trip. Unbelievable. A little more comfortable watching it from here rather than doing it. Have a fabulous trip through to Paris. We will be thinking of you.

    Lynne and Pete Staub

  4. Hi Guys,
    You must feel like you’re on the homeward stretch now. Hope the roads are improving although I am sure you are still attracting plenty of attention whereever you drive. Bet you’re looking forward to a few French vineyards in the not too distant future, and seeing your girls.

    Really enjoy reading your updates…but also happy its you and not me!

    All the best,
    Sarah and Cameron

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