Troyes – Nearly there!!

One more day and only 200kms to go!! We still haven’t been on the truck of shame (TOSA’S) and it looks like we might just make it. Car still on 5 cylinders, has a major radiator leak and also still has the carborator squirting fuel….but all in all I think we will sneek over that finish line.

Lovely drive today through the French countryside. Then a quick time trial around a racing track, which was a blast even if we might have been the slowest car. Before back on the motorway to reach Troye (450kms). Yippeee, can’t believe we are almost there…must go as glass of wine (or 2) beckons.

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  1. Unbelievable !!!!you just must make it , I hope there will be a very comprehensive blog video of all of the cars arriving .
    X M and H.P

  2. Well done guys, we’re proud of you- keep going until you see the Great ” Gallic Symbol” and don’t stop till you’ve crossed the line- we will have a Moet ( or 2) for you!
    Say hi to Sarkozy.
    Take care, love and thoughts,
    Malcolm , Carrie and kids.

  3. Waiting with bated breath confirmation of your arrival in Paris – you’ve done brilliantly to nurse the old Dodge along on less than its full complement of cylinders.

    You richly deserve your Jeroboam of Dom Perignon (White Gold edition) to slake your thirst after the rigours of 37 days on the road …

    Q & R

  4. Waiting with bated breath to hear confirmation of your arrival in Paris. You’ve done brilliantly (despite having fewer than your full complement of cylinders) and will no doubt be slaking your thirst in the appropriate manner. After the rigours of the road, I’d recommend a Jeroboam of Dom Perignon – White Gold should do nicely.

    Q & R

  5. Hi Craig and Nicky – wow! you made it. Congratulations. I can imagine the suspense as it looked like you might not. What an amazing experience. We look forward to seeing you back here. Come in Car 69!

  6. WOW GUYS WHAT A TRIP….what to read when you are finished….why not go back to Biejing for fun.
    Graeme & Steve

  7. Magnificent, well done and I know there is going to be a welcoming crew who cant wait to see you guys. Cant wait to see the photos / video.

  8. Hi Marsh & Nick

    We trust you are celebrating on reaching Paris and Nick is able to enjoy a bit of retail therapy while you sort out the car Marshy.An amazing journey which we have enjoyed reading and checking out the photos.Well done to you both and look forward to seeing you back home when we come up for U2 concert.

    Love from

    Shivvy,Fee & boys

  9. So glad you made it. Congratulations! You must feel amazing (and tired) Well done both of you.

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