From Turkey to Greece

We have nursed the car along over the last 2 days and unfortunately are no longer competitive. The split piston has been upgraded to a loose ‘little end’ which has resulted in substantial loss of power – 2nd gear on the slightest of hills, together with a engine rattle the worsens each day. The poor Dodge has really taken a beating but we will continue to drive her as long as possible – we would love to reach Paris under our own steam but are resigned to the possibility that we might require towing over the last couple of 1000 km – watch this space.

Enjoyed the people of Turkey and were entertained by the Turkish Classic Car Club at a formal cocktail evening last night. We have travelld to 2800 m above sea level during this part of the rally and have spent a bit of time in the snow, fog and cold!  Up at 4am to drive 900km through the Turkish boarder to Greece – a long wet day but we continue to head ever westward toward sour ultimate goal.

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  1. Hang on in there guys – you’ve done so well and it’s been fantastic reading all about it and seeing the photos.
    Wish we could be with you in Paris this weekend to join in the celebratory drinks!

    All our love Rob and Gerry xx

  2. Guy’s, you have done so well, hang in there, we are all so proud of you. will call from the UK at the weekend.

  3. Hey you two little bonza beauties. I am sooo hoping for the best for you right now..I could even pray. whoa
    Anyway..when you’re at the end of your rope..tie knot and hang on. (Frankie Roosevelt said that) and umm
    When all is said and all is known..take comfort in the knowing
    that alll the force..from all the thoughts
    from home ..will keepyou going (I said that)
    Lotsa love

  4. Sorry to read of the car problems. What it cant be fixed with number 8 fencing wire and a hammer – must be serious. Hoping that the adventure and sights are making up for the frustrations. Best wishes from Gavin and his Girls.

  5. Hi Guys,
    Having been talking to Trevor and heard about your dilemma. You are going so well and only a couple of days to go! Where have those last 30 odd days gone? For those of us folowing your progress it has been a wonderful adventure so can only imagine what it has been for you. Our thoughts are urging you and Cindy on towards Paris under your own steam – but if you have to be towed so be it. You have done wonderfully well!
    Best wishes and love from the Fenns at Waihi Beach.

  6. Sorry to here of your setback, could be worse better than being a big end could only suggest you keep the Oil xtra full and thick, aviod high rev’s turn up the wireless or sing loudly keep you heads up and your there.
    Are you still firing on the problem cylinder has it been suggested you earth that plug lead and run on 5 remaining cylinders may reduce wear and don’t envisage it helping performance much if at all. Just a wild thought am sure you have many very experienced older hands than me assisting.

    Love Brad Robyn

  7. Keep going guys,
    Craig, you know your mother always told you ” Keep your little end up!” – good advice.
    ” Si l’or se trouve facilement, c’est pas de l’or” – famous French proverb which I am sure you will be able to translate!
    Keep the big wheels turning, we are all travelling with you in spirit.
    M and C xx

  8. Hi Craig & Nicky, its Friday in Kiwi land so you should finish this weekend fingers crossed, Trust the end goes well. Bruce

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