Into Greece without a hitch, but decided to by pass Thessaloniki and continue (over 900kms) onto Igoumenitsa where we were to catch the Ferry to Ancona, Italy.  A very long, wet drive and we didn’t arrive until after 8pm. Found a nice Hotel and a lovely bottle of red wine…Igoumenitsa is a typical coastal/port town. Very quaint and we were able, for the first time ,to have a little stroll around the village, grab a yummy gyro and have several cups of deliscious coffee!.

Caught the ferry later that night and was delighted with the huge boat, its wonderful food and the rather nice cabins (better than some Hotels we’d had). A 15 hour trip of which I think Craig and I slept 10 of them!

Arrived in fabulous Italy to drizzle and car congestion- but it still didn’t dampen our spirits as we were soooo pleased to be here and we both have this enormous soft spot for everything Italian. Again we made the decision not to follow the route of the other cars and to just head north on the autostrade, which is basically flat the whole way. There were several of us and we ended up staying in a lovely little village called Reggio (near Parma) where we walked the streets to the Piazza and had a wonderful italian dinner and more red wine!

We drove from Reggio to the France town of Aix les Bain, through the Monte Blanc tunnel. Amazing alpine scenery, following the valley before disappearing into the hillside to pop out in France. The tunnels and over bridges are an amazing engineering feat!

The car seems to be running on 5 cylinders – but it is still running and as long as we are gentle with her, we are hoping that she will see us over the finish line in two days time. My clothes are very scungy and I think I diserve a little retail therapy when I hit Paris!

4 Replies to “Greece/Italy”

  1. Good the see that you’re still on the road and enjoying the occasional vino. Hope you can cross the finish line under your own steam…looks promising.
    Please post photo of you suitably clad in berets and striped T-shirts.
    Well done!

  2. Glad to hear that you are still in great spirits, you have come so far and almost there, I am praying that piston stays in place! I am sure you’ll enjoy more red wine when you get to Paris, good luck and all the best. Cheers Tim & Prue

  3. We are now compleatly absorbed by the blogs from you travellers .
    Hope you have time to fill us in on the Grand day of arrival …
    Good luck with the last 2 days !!!!! and hope you can keep well away from the French strike marches ,
    Much Love
    M and H.P.

  4. Hi guys just caught up with your site and have followed your travels with great interest. What a fabulous adventure a real intrepid journey. I’ve got everything crossed for you to reach the finish under Dodge power. Good luck and looking forward to catching up at the beach

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