Thanks for all your support!

Thanks everyone for all your support and comments on our blog site. We love getting them and knowing that your all rooting for us. Yes, unfortunately I think we are out of all medal contention but our main focus now is just to get to Paris.

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  1. Hi Guys, have loved following your journey. Hope you make it to paris,fingers crossed. Get out the oars and sails! All our love, Gill, Pete, Ruby, Lily,Ella and Jack

  2. You are nearly there and yes we are rooting for you (literally). Can’t you fix the little end with chewing gum or was that the fuel tank? – can’t remember. Hang in there and easy on the throttle and you’ll make it. Tim & Prue

  3. Well done Nicky, Craig and Cindy – what a team! We are going to miss reading about the adventures of the Peking to Paris daily. Savour every moment of that finish – you deserve every accolade you get. Looking forward to catching up when you get home!
    Fenns at the Beach

  4. Hi there. Thanks for the great reading material – we’ve loved keeping up to speed with your adventure. See you at the beach soon……
    Luv Spook and Dave and kids.

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