Into Turkmenistan

Up early (4,30am) to drive to Turkmenabat and get across both borders (370kms). We were quite lucky as we seemed to get to the border early enough that we passed through before they took a lunch break. Only took us 2 hours while we know some people were up to 6 hours. I unfortunately started to feel unwell that afternoon and by the evening I was feeling pretty miserable. Straight to bed for me and to be honest I saw nothing of Turkmenistan from start to finish, except for the up and personal contact I had with many dunes and shrubs along the way! I haven’t been that unwell since I can remember and it has taken me 3 days to shake it completely. The little I did glimpse of Ashqabat (630kms) was like some strange Disney set as most buildings had been destroyed in an earthquake, they have replaced by huge modern edifices with enormous fountains and huge statues everywhere – bizarre!. The Dodge developed a leak in the radiator 2 days ago which we have temporarily repaired. Apart from extra front leaf springs which Craig inserted in Ulan Bartaar, the car has been remarkably trouble free compared to many of the vehicles on this rally. Hopefully we will continue to get a good run all the way through to Paris!

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  1. Awesome reading! Was wondering how the local cuisine was going…guess we have our answer. Craig hopefully has inherited Marshall ‘iron gut’.
    Penelope got into the semi’s in 100 free but didn’t make the cut. 2 events to go!
    Take care Lee, Garry and girls

  2. Awesome reading! Wondered how you were going with local cuisine…we now know. Hope Craig has inherited Marshall ‘iron gut’.
    Penelope got into the semi’s in 100 free but didn’t make the cut but last night won silver in the relay…great stuff.
    Take care Lee, Garry and girls

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