Our third night in Iran tonight, staying at a hotel in Tabriz (440km).

 Yesterday, we decided to take a short cut (which on the basic map looked pretty good) however we hadn’t counted on those tiny little dots on the road lines turning out to be very large, extremely congested, over crowded cities…I think of the 70 million people in this country, Craig and I meet 69.9 million of them! What’s more most want to stop and chat and take photos (including the cops who pull you over), then they drive like maniacs to drive beside you or over take you, only to slow right down so they can take photos of you out the back window!! Makes for a long day!

 We also now have Iranian best friends, who handed us fruit and nuts through the window while we were driving, then made us pull over for a ‘chat’ then followed us for 300 kms waving and flashing their lights at us every 10 mins.  It’s exhausting!

The Caspian Sea wasn’t quite what I was expecting, as everywhere we looked it was filthy with rubbish scattered about and even what smelt like raw sewage running down open drains and straight in. This by the way was right next to these ‘resorts’ (basic version of what your imagining) where I’m assuming people swim??

Today though was completely different, with a beautiful drive up a mountain through a forest (2500m) on the northern side (where it was raining and overcast) to a dry, desert like southern side (sunny).  Lovely outlook to the south/west of ranges and valleys with little villages in them.

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  1. Lovely keeping up with you guys.Sounds like you are ahving a fabulous time.Same old same old here.Looks as though Len Brrown is going to be our mayor.Guy and Stef went to American Idiot this week.They too thought it was the best show they had seen. Talk to you soon.

    Love Murray and Robyn

  2. Sounds like you are still going strong ! We are compleatly hooked to your Blog !
    THANKS !

  3. Must feel your on the home straight by now, Craig looking bloody skinny and gaunt has he had the shits or is it a fuel saving tactic. Must be so pleased with the car watch those shortcuts. Great news about Penny Silver and Bronze for all the years of commitment have seen John Leslie on Tele couple of times so pleased they went. Collecting them from airport tomorrow.

    Love Robyn Brad Giorgia and Harry

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