Yes, We Made It!!

They certainly dragged it out on the last day, making us weave through many small French villages. Gorgeous countryside but I have to admit that we only wanted to get there! Arrived about 1.30pm.

Finally drove over the finish line – over 14000kms later. I had a huge sense of relief and was rather dazed by it all. People everywhere – but couldn’t find the girls or Carro, Tom and Tasman tell after we’d gone over the line. Wonderful to see them! Then Sue Sbrenna, from Italy turned up and Maddy Kofoed, who was living with a French family in Lyon turned up….so was fantastic! A bottle of wine with a late lunch, then the ball and lots of farewells, as with many of these people we may never see again. Lots of different emotions from relief to sadness…….a great sense of achievement and an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion.

A little escargot…!

7 Replies to “Yes, We Made It!!”

  1. Well done you intrepid travellers! Marco Polo would have been proud of you! An amazing adventure which will be etched on your memories forever. Looking forward to the blow by blow description of Car 69’s trials and tribulations. Nicky and the girls- you look great!
    See you soon,
    Love and best wishes, M and C

  2. Congratulations, we are so proud of you, what an undertaking. Can’t wait to see all the photos over a glass or two of red.

  3. Way to go Marshies!! Amazing the 5 cylinder Dodge made it! Great achievement and what a tale to tell to your mokopuna….. now thats a scarey thought. :). See you fullas sometime back in Kiwiland.

    Smiles – Bindy & Eric xxxooo

  4. Hey Craig and Nicky, it’s a wet Sunday in Sydney and you’re probably home by now. Well done on a rare and fantastic adventure – knew that piston would come in handy. Gaye hopes Nicky got her retail therapy and I hope you haven’t forgotten how to surf – 2′ and mushy at Sth Steyne today. Lovely pictures of the girls in Paris – yeah you two scrubbed up pretty well after your ordeal aswell!
    Best wishes, see you soon
    Gaye and Baz

  5. Congratulations on an incredible feat – I found out about you via a guy in Miami who is crazy enough to be planning to do the next one… Good on you Kiwis

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